Statement Designer Shelving by Schlüter Arrives ..

statement designer shelving

Offering new possibilities for the creation of stylish features on tiled walls, Schlüter®-SHELF is a welcome introduction to Schlüter-Systems’ range of solutions for tile and stone.

SHELF designer shelving avoids the need to drill through finished coverings (and the waterproofing beneath) in pursuit of a shelving solution. Instead, products in the range are designed to coincide with grout lines, creating a more aesthetically pleasing and harmonious feel across an installation as well as preventing damage to its layers.

Three variants are available:

  • Corner (SHELF-E) – range includes options for standard or retrofit installation
  • Niche insert (SHELF-N) – sized to slot into the grout joints within a Schlüter niche
  • Conventional (SHELF-W) – with anchoring legs for embedding into adhesive

To find out more about SHELF designer shelving by Schlüter, please click here.

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