Wilo-Plavis – The Compact Condensate lifting unit from Wilo ..

condensate lifting unit

The Wilo-Plavis is a high-efficiency, low noise and compact condensate lifting unit. The product’s introduction in early 2017 broadened Wilo’s product portfolio and the offering to building owners and installers alike. Condensate created by a condensing boiler creates additional considerations for the install, not only how to remove it from the property, but also how to handle the acidic nature of the water. The latest revision of the product hopes to address this by making neutralisation crystals as an option available with the product. The product itself has been designed to house a 700g sachet of neutralisation granules in order to combat this issue.

Other updates also include updates to the product’s alarm contact feature, making for a better integrated solution all round, with improved connectivity to the rest of the installation.

For more information on the Wilo-Plavis condensate lifting unit, please click here. 

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