Conex Bänninger’s versatile fittings and valves adaptor, the >B< Oyster ..

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The Conex Bänninger >B< Oyster is simple and efficient. The fitting can be used in a wide range of applications such as the installation of ball, radiator and gate valves as well as being used to repair damaged sections of pipes.

The >B< Oyster fitting has been designed with male parallel threads allowing it to be connected to a variety of ISO 228 female threaded fittings and valves without the need for thread cutting, PTFE tape or jointing compounds.

Conex Bänninger’s >B< Oyster fittings are suitable to be used on drinking water and other hot and cold water systems with working pressures and temperatures ranging between 0º – 95º and are available in sizes 10 – 54 mm and red, yellow brass and nickel plated finish.

Once installed, the >B< Oyster has the added benefit of being able to be rotated 360º while remaining reliable, leak-free and suitable for use in confined spaces.

The fittings are compatible with EN 1057 soft, half–hard and hard copper and stainless tube. It has been manufactured in accordance with accredited body, EN ISO 9001. The adaptor requires only >B< Oyster pliers and a standard spanner, the seal is achieved with two EPDM O-rings.

The >B< Oyster range includes an expansion coupler, which allows long runs of pipework to safely expand and contract with water and ambient temperatures. >B< Oyster can also be used to relieve strains on joints and pipe clips when fitted in every 12 metres of pipe. It is also ideal for the quick re-joining of short sections of damaged pipework.

When professionally installed, the >B< Oyster is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 25 years from date of purchase, for more information please see terms and conditions.

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