Over 290,000 CUPA PIZARRAS Slate Roofing for new Scottish town ..

slate roofing

Inspired by the aesthetics of the historic towns of northeast Scotland and the performance of traditional Scottish slate roofing, CUPA PIZARRAS’ Heavy 3 slate has been specified and installed by three housebuilders for the roofing at Chapelton – a new £1 billion town being built from scratch near Aberdeen.

With Phase 1 now complete, and Phase 2 underway, over 290,000 Heavy 3 slates have been used across the 126 units built to date.

Dark grey in colour, the extra thick 7-8mm Heavy 3 replicates the characteristically thick, slightly gritty Ballachulish slate convincingly and includes the iron pyrite also found in the slates from the Scottish quarries.

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