Sikaflex EBT+ – Flexible adhesive solution from Everbuild ..

flexible adhesive

Sikaflex EBT+ is a flexible adhesive solution from Everbuild – A Sika Company, combining the properties of an adhesive with a sealant and filler to deliver an all in one product that can be used on most materials including concrete, brick, mortar, wood and metal.

Permanently flexible and water resistant, Sikaflex EBT+ can be used both internally and externally combining strong bond, high grab and non-sagging qualities to ensure it will deliver a secure fix to stand the test of time. These exceptional qualities eliminate the need for most mechanical fixings from an adhesive perspective, and due to its flexibility will not de-bond.

As a filler, Sikaflex EBT+ is resistant to shock and impact so it will never fall out, whilst its resistance to vibration, extreme temperature change and the effects of ageing make it an ideal sealer. Sikaflex EBT+ is available in a variety of colours, beige, black, brown, grey and white along with a new clear version which quickly cures to a translucent finish, making it ideal to use on projects where there is a need to maintain a spotless aesthetic appearance.

To find out more about Sikaflex EBT+ Flexible Adhesive by Sika Everbuild please click here.

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