Smart Thermostat Enhances Award-Winning Underfloor Heating System ..

underfloor heating system

Schlüter-Systems Ltd is delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new smart thermostat, a highly anticipated enhancement to its electric underfloor heating system, Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E.

Based on Schlüter’s existing 2” thermostat, the new WiFi-enabled introduction allows for more closely customised operation of the award-winning system. The discreet thermostat offers minimal visual impact within a room and connects directly to a chosen wireless network. In addition, an easy set-up wizard and capacity to schedule up to six events per day results in ultimate flexibility for end users.

Alongside the new thermostat is a dedicated app; Schlüter-HEAT-CONTROL is free for both Android and Apple iOS devices and boasts an intuitive interface for easy control of the system.

To find out more about an Underfloor Heating System by Schlüter-Systems Ltd please click here.


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