Conex Bänninger >B< Press Fitting System, versatile and flame free ..

Conex Bänninger’s >B< Press is a versatile press fitting system for use with hard, half-hard and soft copper tube, providing a secure, long-life, leak-proof joint.

Its flame free installation takes away the risk of fire and being quick to fit it saves on labour costs and provides a low cost installation solution.

The 12mm to 54mm fittings are installed using a mechanical press tool and have the advantage of a >B< Profile 3-point press, with two mechanical presses either side of the bead and one hydraulic press crimping the EPDM O-ring.

The O-ring is uniquely designed with reduced sections in two locations to highlight leaks when not pressed.

Conex Bänninger’s new >B< Press XL Water fittings are suitable for drinking water, heating water (non-solar) and chilled water applications and are available in sizes from 64mm to 108mm.

Installed in commercial and other major pipework systems that carry large quantities of water at pressures up to 16 bar, they are designed for use in temperatures ranging from -10oC to 110oC.

Kitemark and WRAS approved, the slimline design provides an aesthetically pleasing finish.

>B< Press XL fittings have the benefit of an internal stainless steel grip ring, making it a triple-point seal, which gives the joint added strength. The fittings come with a 25-year warranty when fitted to manufacturer’s guidelines (terms and conditions apply).

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