New Universal Lead Replacement Roll From Marley Eternit ..

lead replacement roll

Marley Eternit has launched its new Lead Replacement Roll, Flexfast, which can be used to create a water-tight seal and effective flashing at all abutments, including walls, chimneys and dormers.

The new Lead Roll, which has similar aesthetics and rigidity to lead, features an ultra-sticky, UV and age resistant, Butyl adhesive backing to ensure a quick and secure fix, making it a cost saving alternative to the traditional solution.

Manufactured from creped coated aluminium, the new roll is reinforced with metal grid for strength and rigidity, but it can actually stretch up to 60 per cent, so can be moulded to even the deepest profile tiles.

As well as being a cheaper option, the new Universal Replacement Roll is significantly lighter than its lead equivalent, making it easier to handle and reduces health and safety risks. Adding to Marley Eternit’s existing comprehensive accessory range, including Universal dry verge, underlays, GRP valleys, JB Red roofing battens and much more, the new Lead Replacement Roll can be purchased individually or as part of a full roof system.

To find out more about Lead Replacement Roll by Marley Eternit please click here.

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