Natural-looking material without the drawbacks with quartz worktops. ..

quartz worktops

The trend for hyper-realism in quartz worktops makes the latest additions to the CRL Quartz collection the ideal contrast to summer colours in the kitchen.

The shift towards natural stone effects is strong in kitchen design, giving the space a timeless appeal in both a contemporary and traditional setting.

Latest addition to the CRL Quartz range, Montana Gris, has all the beauty of such natural materials, combined with the highest levels of durability and ease of maintenance for the very best of both worlds in the modern home.

The quartz surface has a distinctive pattern throughout to give it a marble-like appearance, with grey hues that combine seamlessly with the latest summer colours, from blue to yellow and everything in between.

Available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, Montana Gris has a polished finish and is available in jumbo slabs for greater consistency of design over large areas, such as kitchen islands. Scratch, heat and stain resistant, the surface requires minimal maintenance and no need for sealing to keep it looking as good as new.

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