A revolution in mechanical smoke ventilation ..

Smoke Ventilation

Whitesales have launched their latest innovation in mechanical smoke control. The Es-SHEV Mechanical Pod is a modular smoke ventilation system. It gives a guaranteed flow rate and pressure performance and is available in a choice of sizes for smoke ventilation solutions in high-rise buildings. It is certified to BS EN12101-3 (Fans), BS EN12101-7 (Ducts), BS EN12101-10 (Power Supplies) and is supplied in a prefabricated, prewired pod, ready for a single lift to rooftop for easy installation. In conjunction, the Es-SHEV Environmental Pod is an add-on pod system which can be used for building comfort ventilation. It is an effective means of reducing temperature areas deep within a building through the use of the smoke shaft as a cooling chamber. Offering unsurpassed performance and ease of installation onsite, these two pod systems are truly a revolution for smoke mechanical smoke ventilation.

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