Procheck Adapt protects buildings from structural damage ..

Procheck Adapt, supplied by A. Proctor Group, has been specifically designed to protect the building fabric from the potential risks of condensation whilst providing the added benefit of serving as an effective airtight barrier. Thanks to its unique design the membrane offers variable permeability which adapts to changes in humidity levels and allows the structure to dry out in the summer and in sunny days in spring and autumn while protecting it from moisture overload in the winter. This is possible because the membrane adapts its vapour resistance to the environment i.e. vapour tight in the winter and vapour open in the summer.

This ensures that the building fabric is protected from damaging moisture levels during cold, wet winter months, and allows the fabric to dry out effectively in warmer, drier months. The introduction of Procheck Adapt will ensure that it provides a high level of protection throughout the building’s lifespan.

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