Perforated Image Panels from EE Ingleton ..

Perforated Panels

E E Ingleton have completed further projects using their new PicPerf© image perforation system.

Anodised aluminium panels were manufactured for Thames Archtectural, & installed in Berkeley Homes Victory Pier development in Gillingham, as well as for ambulance bay screen panels at London’s University College Hospital.

Both projects called for very high open area panels to meet ventilation requirements, whilst retaining striking images and patterns.

The Victory Pier panels feature seven waterbirds, whilst the UCH installation was based on the architect’s ‘funky trees’ concept.

The PicPerf© system has been used for various prestigious projects including Debenham’s flagship Oxford Street store for Dane Architectural and Kingston upon Thames Riverside development for Cadisch MDA.

Find out more about the product by visiting E E Ingleton’s webite here.

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