Hydrotech hot melt waterproofing has highest recycled content on the market ..

hot melt waterproofing

Independently verified by Underwriters Laboratories, Alumasc’s Hydrotech MM6125 Hot Melt waterproofing contains 30% recycled content and is the responsible choice for a sustainable environmental. Alongwith the bituminous element, Hydrotech is a unique combination of recycled materials from products typically disposed of via landfill. Fully compliant with REACH legislation and manufactured using energy primarily generated by hydroelectric power, Hydrotech is imported under Alumasc’s ISO14001 Environmental Management system. This ensures upstream production processes are monitored for their environmental impact and careful consideration is given to the packaging, transport and disposal.

For more information on Alumasc’s Hydrotech Hot Melt Waterproofing, please visit their website. 

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