Natural slate facade and roofing combined in a breathtaking design ..

natural slate

Natural slate has the leading role in this residence located in Trélazé (France), very close to Angers, Unesco Heritage City. Its composition perfectly combines energy efficiency and design. DCL architecture study has chosen CUPA PIZARRAS slate for its roof and the CUPACLAD®  slate cladding system for the facades due to its inimitable properties. This recent-built residential area attracts attention because of the innovative use of natural slate. De Coquereaumont Lebreton Architects explains why they selected slate for the Quantinière project: “ It is a natural “vibrant” material with shades and colours that change throughout the day. In addition, the random arrangement of several slate formats contributes to a harmony that renews the image of slate.”

For more information about natural slate from CUPA PIZARRAS, please visit their website. 

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