Sustainable Shower Solutions for High Use Environments with Taplanes Bathroom Pods ..

Sourcing cost effective, sustainable products that meet reduced project timescales; means greater importance is placed on working with an experienced and established company. Taplanes have maintained the highest standards for almost 40yrs.

Refurbishment projects require fast & efficient implementation, working within restrictive timescales & minimising costs.  Taplanes polypropylene pods are sectional, therefore ideal for limited spaces and quick & easy to install; reducing project lead times and labour costs. With our prefabricated bathroom pods, there is design precision, guaranteed quality and they’re leak free with minimal maintenance.

Supplying sustainable, UK manufactured shower cubicles and pods, we are proud to offer a minimum 25yr guarantee.

For more information on Taplanes polypropylene pods, please visit their website. 

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