RCM’s New Rockpanel Exterior Cladding is a Volcanic Offering ..

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RCM is pleased to announce the latest addition to its portfolio: Rockpanel exterior cladding.  Rockpanel is part of the Rockwool group, the world leader in stone wall solutions.

Rockpanel compliments RCM’s already extensive facades offerings and offers designers, architects and specifiers a stone based cladding solution.

Each Rockpanel board is made from compressed mineral wool, originating from basalt. The volcanic rock mineral is mixed with a small quantity of organic binder, which results in a unique board that combines the strength and durability of stone with the workability of wood.

The Rockpanel façade is quick and easy to install, easy to maintain and due to its unique format, it is virtually waste-free and highly cost-effective. The boards are suitable for use as exterior cladding, applications along the roofline and for building detailing.

There are eleven product ranges on offer for different applications and finishes. The ranges consist of Rockpanel Uni, Rockpanel Ply, Rockpanel Colours, Rockpanel Metallics, Rockpanel Chameleon, Rockpanel Brilliant, Rockpanel Woods, Rockpanel Natural, Rockpanel Stones, Rockpanel Lines 2 and Rockpanel Premium. With so much choice available it is possible to create some truly aesthetically appealing and quirky buildings.

Available in a large range of colours, the boards are treated with a 4-layer water-based high quality coating that locks in their appearance, colour and finish for years to come.

‘Achieving greatness and creating a legacy’ is Rockpanel’s motto and it advocates ‘releasing the natural power of stone to enrich modern living’. (www.rockpanel.co.uk)

 ‘RCM are delighted to be able to offer Rockpanel façades to our customers. It has added a new dimension to our façade portfolio and compliments the already existing range on offer. Rockpanel is made from natural volcanic rock-basalt and offers many benefits.  It is as easy to process as wood, the colours remain stable and the material does not delaminate or rot.  We look forward to increasing demand for this exceptional façade.’  (Ian Quinton, Managing Director, RCM)

RCM has already commenced supplying Rockpanel to various UK projects and is looking forward to expanding its supply of this exciting façade range over the coming months. Further information will be available on RCM’s website soon www.buildingboards.co.uk

About RCM

Established in 2004, RCM is a major supplier of complete through wall solutions to the UK construction industry.

Supplying specialist building boards, façades, breather membranes and airtightness solutions, RCM offers a fully integrated approach to the building envelope whilst delivering on time and budget.

RCM are a market leader in providing innovative products and solutions designed and tested to meet the demanding needs of construction. Specified for use in external façades, fire protection, acoustic, airtightness and decorative applications, our extensive portfolio has been installed on many of the UK’s largest projects.

For more information on exterior cladding from RCM, please visit their website.


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