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Creating a good atmosphere is now a key component of a contemporary lifestyle. Designers are specifying state of the art solutions which promote serenity, tranquillity and concentration. Mapei are dedicated to research and development and as such have created the Mapefloor Comfort polyurethane floor coating System: a flooring concept dedicated to the creation of seamless flooring characterized by a high level of comfort underfoot that also helps to reduce noise levels. Available in a wide range of colours, the Mapefloor Comfort System can be used in renovation and new build projects.

The highly aesthetic finish and soundproofing properties of the Mapefloor Comfort polyurethane floor coating System make it an ideal choice for offices, shops, schools and libraries. The ingenious seamless finish means that an attractive surface is created which has no joints.

One of the defining features of the Mapefloor Comfort System is that noise from footsteps is reduced, as well as being certified low VOC and easy to clean and maintain.

BDP, a major international practice of architects, refurbished the floors within their Bristol office with Mapei’s Mapefloor Comfort System AR/X in grey. The project was undertake by Coatech Ltd. who specialise in all types of resin flooring nationwide.

Initially the carpet tiles and multiple layers of vinyl tiles were removed exposing the sub base. A cove was installed to all toilet walls ensuring the floor area is easy to clean and maintain. Mapefloor Comfort was then laid to the floor which was later sealed with Mapefloor Pore Filler. Once this had cured, Coatech applied a coat of Mapei Mapefloor PU 460, a 2-3mm flexible, self-smoothing polyurethane. To finish, two coats of Mapei Mapefloor Finish 58 W, a matt finish polyurethane coating was applied.

Due to its elastic properties the Mapefloor Comfort System proves advantageous when a good level of comfort is required underfoot. This is provided from the matting at the base of the system which also has excellent soundproofing capabilities, reducing the impact of noise transmission into areas below. The flooring system also has a high resistance to wear and abrasion from constant foot traffic and moveable office furniture such as castor chairs.

For more information about the Mapefloor Comfort System self levelling polyurethane floor coating, email, call 0121 508 6970 or visit the Mapei website.

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