Anticolor floor sealer equals anti-stain ..

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German floorcare company, Dr. Schutz, has the answer for hairdressers, medical centres, car showrooms and other industries where chemical spillages may be a problem – PU Anticolor floor sealer.

In workplaces such as hairdressing salons and medical establishments, the issue of dye and chemicals being spilt on the floor is a frustratingly regular one, and inevitably leads to the unattractive discolouration of the floor.

However, help is at hand in the form of PU Anticolor from Dr. Schutz. Suitable for use on vinyl floors, PU Anticolor is an extremely hard wearing sealer; it has a satin finish that makes it easier to clean and protect. This two-part polymer sealer, which is simple to apply, is mixed with a hardener and then rolled onto the floor in two coats.

Without the benefit of using PU Anticolor floor sealer, there is nothing to stop chemicals penetrating the floor, but by using this sealer, floor stains can be simply wiped away! Providing long lasting protection that helps to reduce maintenance costs and simplifies the upkeep of any floor, the Dr. Schutz PU Sealer range also includes PU Antislip and PU Sealer matt.

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