New Fire Retardant Membrane developed for cladding by A Proctor Group ..


The A. Proctor Group, renowned for providing high quality membrane solutions for controlling the heat, air, moisture movement in buildings (HAMM), is leading the way with the development of Fireshield®, a new vapour permeable membrane, which is designed specifically to improve the fire protection behind cladding.

Fireshield is the culmination of leading research to produce a vapour permeable membrane with a fire proof surface, which has a unique composition that actively reacts to prevent fire taking hold.

The unique coating of Fireshield actively extinguishes fire rather than just resisting it, and significantly reduces the formation of droplets and smoke. Fireshield is classified as Class B, s1 –d0 according to the Euroclass system, which classifies the reaction to fire performance of building products. The performance of Fireshield is in advance of the requirements of the current classification grading.

Fireshield complies with BS5250, BS4016 and NHBC requirements for vapour permeable walling underlays. It is installed and fixed to the substrate in the same manner as standard breather membranes using mechanical fixings.

Applications include both commercial and residential buildings including apartments and student accommodation, as well as Rainscreen cladding and applications in multiple storey buildings.

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