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Glass Alignment

OnLevel are perhaps a new name to the UK market, but have been operating in Europe since 2000 developing innovation frameless glass balustrade solutions , the latest of which is the Flex-Fit.

“Flex-Fit” was designed and developed in house by OnLevel co-owner Iwan Oude Luttikhuis in 2014 and was an instant hit across Europe due to its simple but highly effective glass alignment system using low cost tools with the adjustment all from one side ( the safe side ) of the balcony.

“Since then” says Gary Dean, MD and CEO “the OnLevel Flex- Fit system has become the benchmark glass alignment system for Frameless Glass Balustrades supported by our patents and continued research and development which has allowed us to introduce variations on the profiles and increase performance enhancements across the range”.
Designer Iwan continues ” We believe we are leading the way in simplifying the user experience, this is one of our principle goals, we don’t want to design solutions with multiple stages or complex and expensive tools , with different profiles for every glass type, or with performance characteristics based on a very narrow range of aligned factors such as glass type and size which are difficult to realise in the real world  – we want to offer broad based solutions using readily available market products with easy and low cost assembly that performs at the highest level in independent tests”

Going forward OnLevel say that their backbone principle of R&D investment remains strong in the organisation “We set ourselves the challenge to make our own successful products obsolete over time by redefining the solution in new ways – it’s a difficult and scary self-imposition – but one that’s highly motivating and fits our passion to deliver even better products tomorrow than today – this fits our motto “we want to set you OnFire” concluded Gary.

Find out more about OnLevel’s glass alignment here

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