Hauraton’s FIBRETEC® coloured drainage gratings for RECYFIX® PRO & FASERFIX® KS ..

Coloured Drainage Gratings

In addition to the popular BLACK version, FIBRETEC drainage gratings are now available in three pastel colours. Moulded using coloured PA-GF granules, BLACK is joined by SAND (Light Tan), FERN (Light Green), and STONE (Mid Grey).

These FIBRETEC drainage gratings are available with the company’s RECYFIX PRO 100 and FASERFIX KS 100 channels, both providing a loading category of Class C250.

In all cases, the FIBRETEC grating has an intake cross section of 372cm²/m.

RECYFIX PRO 100 channels are moulded from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP). Available in various heights ranging from 75mm to 250mm they provide drainage cross sections from 35cm² to 192cm². The heaviest one metre channel, with the FIBRETEC grating fitted, is only 5.8kg.

FASERFIX KS 100 channels are made from the company’s Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) and have galvanised steel housing moulded into the FRC to take the grating. Available in various heights from 80mm to 274mm they provide drainage cross sections from 34cm² to 206cm². The heaviest one metre channel, with the gratings fitted, weighs 51kg. The FIBRETEC gratings are also available on the step-fall versions of the FASERFIX KS channels.

The new colours have been selected to blend with surfaces and the surrounding landscape. For instance the FERN grating can be used to blend in with a real or artificial grassed area, such as a sports field, whilst the SAND and STONE colour could be chosen to blend with lighter block paving colours.

Tim Connolly, Managing Director of Hauraton Limited says, “The introduction of the FIBRETEC coloured gratings into the UK allows customers more choice when it comes to blending our gratings with surroundings”.

For more information on Hauraton’s drainage gratings please visit their website.

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