Super Efficient Recessed ‘Slimline’ LED Panels from LED Hero ..

LED Panels

LedHero is proud to present our most efficient LED product yet. Our 600mm x 600mm Recessed LED Panels – with a phenomenal power usage / performance ratio. With build quality and appearance matching that of our standard 40w 600mm x 600mm Recessed Panel, reliability and application are identical. However, a serious difference is noticeable in performance and running costs.

An incredible 3,200lm output is achieved with energy consumption at just 24w, making this product the ultimate cost-effective, high-performance lighting solution on the European market. This remarkable power/performance ratio means opting for Super-Efficient LED Panels could cut your R.O.I by up to 40% on standard industry panels. We also supply High Bay Fittings, Floodlights, Round LED lights and more.

For more information on LedHero’s LED panels please visit their website.

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