Just 48 hours needed with Bradite’s tough new floor paint system ..

floor paint

Bradite have introduced a tough, fast drying new protective floor paint coating system for the commercial and industrial sectors that allows contractors to complete a job in just 48 hours from start to finish – allowing clients to be back in business fast.

Part One of the system is the high-performance two-pack, waterbased Floor Paint Primer designed for use on interior dense, power floated, non-porous concrete, ceramic and terracotta tiled floors.

Touch dry within one hour, Bradite ES40 Floor Primer has a recoat time of just two and a half hours allowing both primer and top coat to be applied in the same day. The product, with its low odour and non-taint qualities, is ideally suited for use in food areas and hospitals.

The product is easily applied by brush or roller and one litre will go a long way covering up to 25cu.m.

Part Two of the system is Bradite’s new Rapid Coating and Floor Finish, which used in combination with ES40 Floor Primer can provide a traffic-ready floor space in just 48 hours. A single pack polyurethane coating and finish for internal use, for concrete, wood or steel floors it provides a tough, hard-wearing flexible film. Incredibly quick drying it is suitable for forklift traffic after just 48 hours. Recoat time is 8 hours and cures as low as -5°C.

Rapid PW74 can also be used be used clear as a floor sealer. All Bradite are manufactured under the auspices of ISO 9001:2008 quality and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems.

For more information on Bradite’s floor paint system please visit their website.

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