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Wiring accessories have been given a 21st century update with Instinct, bringing genuine innovation to the electrical industry.

With over 300 new wiring accessory products for commercial projects, the Instinct range has brought true innovation to a product category that has been lagging behind. The range has taken years of development, but the effort has paid off. You only need a quick look at just a few of the innovations, and you have to ask yourself, ‘why wouldn’t I give it a try?’ But don’t take our word for it. Take a look for yourself.

Full contact cable clamps – an industry first

Instinct is the first range of wiring accessories to use this proven technology. The ‘No Miss’ terminals offer a more secure, more efficient, more compliant method of connection.

An instantly recognisable easy to use terminal layout

Instinct is the only fused connection unit in the market with segregated, inline, upward-facing, nested supply and load terminals. No twisting or turning of the plate ensures no loosening of already terminated cables.

Stylish, discreet aesthetics

Another industry first – Instinct is the only wiring accessory range to integrate indicators into the rocker switch or fuse drawer.

Higher levels of safety

The twin action multi-pin safety shutter system gives Instinct sockets a higher level of safety. The mechanism requires multiple pins of a BS plug to fully operate. The live and neutral pins do not open unless the earth pin is operated, ensuring that live and neutral remain closed even with the earth pin engaged.

More reliable charging

Intelligent USB chargers can detect and optimise charge characteristics to be compatible with the device that is plugged in.

Mix and match accessories

The Instinct range includes a wide range of data options, including a range with angled keystone modular mix and match accessories. The 45-degree angled keystone outlets reduce the risk of cable damage by giving a gentler bend radius on cables exiting the plate.

Crabtree’s Instinct range should be a serious contender for your next project.

See why you should rethink your choice of wiring accessories at the Crabtree website.

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