Introducing Fläkt Woods’ smoke vent shaft ..

Smoke Vent Shaft

A modular, Fire Engineered solution for single-shaft stairwell protection using smoke extract. A smoke shaft is a common method for ventilating lobbies of tall buildings, used to maintain tenable conditions in the common escape routes in the event of a fire. Fläkt Woods now offers a simple packaged solution including fans, controls, lobby vent, sensors, actuators and stairwell ventilators.

  • Meets ErP 2015 criteria for dual-use fans delivering high-efficiency operation reducing carbon emissions
  • Prefabricated assembled solution, significantly reduced risk of components being lost & needing replacement
  • Packaged solution allowing for minimal plant lifts to the roof, minimal wiring on site and avoids the need for coordination and sourcing from separate suppliers of fans, controls, ductwork and dampers

For more information on Flakt Wood’s smoke vent shafts please visit their website.

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