Firex low energy smoke and heat alarms ..


To meet demands for sustainable, low-energy products, the latest Firex range provides much lower maximum mains consumption, with substantial energy savings over previous models and significantly lower running costs. Based on current energy tariffs (March 2016 average kWh cost from the UK’s top 5 suppliers, between £0.099/kWh and £0.109/kWh), it now costs less than £1 per year to operate a Firex alarm. Firex alarms can be interlinked to create a low-energy network for protection throughout the home. But they can also interconnect with Kidde’s 4MCO and 4MDCO mains-powered carbon monoxide alarms, using the unique ‘Smart Interconnect’ feature. Here, all the alarms sound when one is triggered with different, distinct alarm sounder patterns for carbon monoxide or fire – an essential facility.

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