Introducing the Burmeister audio systems Diva from HI-MACS natural acrylic stone ..


HI-MACS solid surface is not just for looking and feeling – it is also for listening to music in extraordinary quality. The new Burmeister Diva sound system is made of this modern solid surface material. The organically rounded, almost 1.5 m tall speaker sculptures are thermoformed, seamless and as a result, look like they are diecast. With no front and no back, they also do not have any visible cable connections. Diva is produced as an individual bespoke piece. Thanks to the great versatility of HI-MACS, 40 different colours are possible. HI-MACS is perfectly suited to the special Burmeister technology: thanks to a cubelike, tapered body, the sound is distributed in a sphere-shaped 360° angle.

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