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Hambleside Danelaw Roll Out Ridge

The Government’s Construction 2025 initiative is insisting on more efficient construction processes, so as a responsible manufacturer, Hambleside Danelaw is committed to designing and producing time saving products that are fit for purpose. Hambleside Danelaw’s Universal RollOut Ridge and Hip Ventilation System is designed for longevity and for durability. The unique and patented gasket offers a more adaptable solution for ventilation and the wider butyl adhesive strip provides a greater contact area for more secure adhesion. Furthermore, being the only system suitable for use with ‘capped’ angle ridge & hip tiles, the superior system is universal. Meeting the requirements of the British Standard and holding a 10 year guarantee, the RollOut Ridge and Hip System also adheres to the latest BS 5534 update through being Dry Fix, eliminating the need for mortar.

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