SG System Products have their LED handrail range extended ..

LED Handrail

The Illumine LED handrail product range has now been extended to include Asymmetric RAILled INSERTS and Citadel brass handrails.

The complete range encompasses Illumine-Sentinel stainless steel handrail, Illumine-Citadel brass handrail system and Illumine-Stargard warm to the touch handrail.

The individual Asymmetric RAILled INSERTS are fitted to the underside of the handrail with the LED INSERTS pre-set to the appropriate angle.

This approach to design means that “light scatter” is kept to an absolute minimum resulting in minimal light pollution and very effective “light placement”.

The LED INSERTS are fitted into the handrail at variable centres depending on the lighting level required. They can also be fitted into curved handrails.

For more information on SG System Products LED Handrails please visit their website.

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